AR. Products ehf

Stand Number: UN16

AR Products ehf. is an innovative technology and product development company, focusing on Augmented Reality and its world of creative possibilities.

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that takes a real-life product and connects it with the digital world – opening up many possibilities.

Our first product was a deck of playing cards with pictures of Santa Claus. Using AR technology and the App, Santa Claus comes to life,

dances around and tells stories. We are now introducing new products such as AR PopUp Cards – greeting cards, AR PopUp Puzzles and AR PopUp Santa, adding to our selection of playing cards and advent calendar.

Using Augmented Reality technology our greeting cards come to life. Whether it ́s 3D animals, dinosaurs, colorful characters or any of our varied designs, our aim is to bring a smile to children ́s faces. Our cards are fun and some include an educational element.

The company is based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Our group of digital enthusiasts includes graphic designers, programmers, animators and

story creators. Its founder and owner is Mr. Pétur Ásgeirsson an Icelandic entrepreneur. Co-owner and Chairman is Mr. Kristinn Gylfi Jónsson.

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