Stand Number: UN18


Canoff is the only flying disc (frisbee) game out there on the UK & EU market! It\\\’s a 2-4 player game to be enjoyed in the garden, a park, a beach or anywhere with outdoor space.

It’s simple: two teams, two poles, two cans and one flying disc ….

Score points by knocking the other teams can off a pole.  The first team to ten points wins!

Two points for hitting the can clean off, one point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, but, hit the can off and the other team catches it, then that team is awarded a point. But be careful, a mistake knocking your own can off will lose you one point! Additional rules can be applied such as penalties and play with one hand.

Where ever you are and who you play with, Canoff is a thrilling competitive game to play by all ages.


Canoff was developed in lockdown by a single one man team Henry Marks as his work as a self-employed experience designer vanished overnight.

The company name ‘Dino Junkie’ comes from my love of dinosaurs, why not hey! It’s fun and impactful just like the product itself.

Creating this product has been a long ambition of his as the game was created from a summer holiday with friends back in 2010. He knew there was potential but the make-shift game was terrible! He made a promise to himself that he would launch it as a properly designed product.

It is the combination of his two passions: his love for the outdoors and design. His priority when designing Canoff was simplicity; it had to be easy to assemble, clear rules, and neat compact storage.