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In October 2019, DKL Marketing was acquired by international toy supplier Beysal, forming DKL-Beysal Ltd, a Spanish owned company, with offices and showrooms in Madrid (head office), Miami, UK and a showroom also in Hong Kong.

In 2019, the acquisition saw the new company continue to support and develop the ranges that DKL firmly established in the UK market – Hama Beads, Plus-Plus construction and Breyer Model Horses. Now in 2021, DKL-Beysal continue to distribute those brands, as well as introducing 6 new ranges, manufactured by Beysal.

Beysal is well-established in the Latin American market, with extensive distribution in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru. It also recently launched into Spanish, Portuguese, UK and Irish markets.

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Plus-Plus GO!

GO! is a new element that brings motion to the Plus-Plus building experience. But, GO! is much more than just a wheel. It features all the characteristics that make Plus-Plus so special, combining simplicity of form with endless creative possibilities.


Help our planet to be better and get better!
Ecoplush stuffed animals contribute with our planet sustainability.

Hama Beads

With a few Hama pegboards and a variety of colourful Hama beads, the possibilities are endless. The beads are available in different sizes, colours and themes.

The Dancing Army

The Dancing Army is a brand that follows the Tik Tok trend. Children and teens spends hours in front of their phones challenging, acting and dancing. The Dancing Army was born to bring colour to those dances and challenges.


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