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DKL-Beysal offers an extensive portfolio of new and renowned ranges to leading toy, gift, craft, nursery, equestrian shops, online retailers, and garden centres.

After over 30 years in their Northampton headquarters, DKL-Beysal have moved to more modern premises to continue their success and passion of offering toys of the highest play value, quality and safety.


DKL-Beysal manufacture and distribute a variety of fun and unique products ranges. From eco-friendly plush animals to awesome 3D helmets, our extensive ranges ensure that WOW-factor! Our ranges include: K3YRIDERS, ecoplush, ecotoyland, mascutties, Luna Babies, Fashionery Vibes, and The Dancing Army- check out our website for more information at:

Hama is a fun and popular arts & crafts option for creating wonderful 2D and 3D artwork. Hama’s aim has always been to encourage creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. The colourful beads are arranged on pegboards to form unique patterns, and are then fused together using heat to form physical works of art.

Plus-Plus encourages children and adults of all ages to create fantastic mosaics and 3D designs, only limited by their imagination! The unique construction toy not only has a high play value, but obtains a multitude of holistic benefits including functioning as a STEM resource for educational development, stimulating fine motor skill, and encouraging creativity, focus and patience – One shape, endless possibilities.

Breyer model horses are handcrafted and painted under the watchful eye of the world’s leading equine experts, ensuring precision and accuracy in each horse model and playset. Breyer’s commitment to high quality materials and handcrafting means that just like in nature, no two horses are exactly alike- so you can truly have a horse of your own. As well as being renowned for producing equestrian collectibles, Breyer now offers a variety of fun arts & crafts options including painting kits to decorate your own horse!