Flair GP

Stand Number: E39



A company with…Flair…is delighted to meet you! Since bursting onto the scene in 1999 and every day since, here at Flair we are passionate about fun and exciting quality toys to support children in their hopes, dreams and aspirations!

At Flair we’re known for our wide range of toys including iconic brands, licensed toys and award-winning favourites. We strive to find and develop toys, that provide endless fun, meet children\’s and parents’ high expectations and support a child\’s development by encouraging imaginative play.

Outstanding growth propelled the company, and in 2008, further success was achieved following the acquisition of the company by the European toy group, Giochi Preziosi. Today we celebrate traditional Flair values of long-term brand building, strong trade relationships, excellent customer service and a dynamic business approach in an ever-changing market!

Visit the stand to see our latest range of arts and crafts, action figures, collectibles, dolls, games, playsets, plush, pre-school and roleplay toys.