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KAP TOYS – The DYNAMIC toy company
KAP Toys offers incredible products from World-leading brands while operating with the speed and agility of a family business. You probably already know Nat Southworth, a leading voice in the toy industry, who bought the company in 2018. Nat has unrivalled experience in finance, buying, marketing, and sales, with time at Asda, Vivid, Hti and Hornby preparing for this role. Nat brings insightful knowledge and traditional values to KAP Toys and believes in building long term
relationships. KAP Toys aims to make life simple for all our partners with a bespoke, responsive
approach matched to the needs of your organisation.

Harry Potter Magical Capsules – Explainer

Award winning, top selling Harry Potter Magical Capsules. Watch the video…you’ll get it!

TV advertised Harry Potter Magical Capsules

They were actually TV advertised…yes…the award winning Harry Potter Magical Capsules!

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Ok…3 years ago we were given the opportunity to represent Maxx Marketing’s new range of Warner Bros. product. We decided to start quietly with the Sorting Hat…we kept this line really quiet! I’m kidding its been a winner every year!


We thought it would be fun to show you some of Paulo’s moves versus another item you might recognise!

Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern is just brilliant…we have so many great lines we didn’t know which one to pick so this is Jewellery Jam…we’ve got lines from £9.99 to £49.99

Magic advent calendar

We can’t claim this is the best selling Harry Potter advent calendar for 2020 but to be fair few products are more magical – you should try it! Rotate the box in front of a child and watch their reaction


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