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My Toy Fair Blog – Kooshi at Toy Fair 2018

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Kooshi at Toy Fair 2018

Former fashion model and now entrepreneur and mum of two, Zuzana Philip and her team are currently preparing for their first ever Toy Fair, where they will launch Kooshi – a range of innovative kids’ backpacks which have detachable animal character soft cushions designed for comfort and companionship whilst travelling.

“I was tired of always needing to pack or ‘create’ pillows for my little ones to get comfortable with whilst travelling and I noticed a gap in the market for a new product that could do the job – one that was portable and didn’t take up too much packing space. Very soon, Kooshi was born….

“Childhood memories often inspire us in later life. I had many from my childhood but one which stands out was seeing a real bear sitting at a bus stop near my grandparent’s cottage in the mountains in Slovakia – obviously, we couldn’t get off our bus until the bear decided to move. Through my eyes as a child he looked very cute, cuddly and I was fascinated that the bear was ‘sitting waiting to catch a bus’.

“Eddie the Teddy was the first Kooshi character to be born. Three of the animal characters are inspired by events throughout my life – we have a gorgeous, friendly cat at home called Coco, who is another. 

“When the sketching process started, I created a few characters with very symmetrical features, but felt that they didn’t have any personality or real life in them. I was determined to find a way to make them more likable so that children could relate to them.

“All the Kooshi characters are designed to have asymmetrical features. Beauty is only skin deep, and in a world which is obsessed by image, we believe that human relationships should be based on character, personality and likability – and we want to share this message with children who use our products. That’s what makes Kooshi characters so great – they aren’t perfect, but children think they are. That’s why they become their best friends!

“Launching our brand at London’s Toy Fair is a really exciting time for us. It’s all about the right setting and getting the brand messages across to an audience that may not know about Kooshi yet. We’re positive that our stand will catch visitors’ attention – it’s fun, engaging and represents the Kooshi brand values down to a tee!

“The build-up to our first Toy Fair has been fun; as we speak, we’re designing a set of beautiful graphics and also producing exciting presentation materials to hand out as an introduction to Kooshi.

“During the show, we’re really looking forward to holding focused one-on-one conversations with potential buyers and journalists. Telling the story behind Kooshi’s development and explaining why it is the new ‘must-have’ travel accessory for children will be much easier when visitors can see and feel the product for themselves.“

Zuzanna Phillip, Founder, Kooshi