Magic Box

At Magic Box Toys we are creators, we build our own brands and create new trends in the collectable toy market.

Our products are filled with imagination and surprise. We are proud of the excitement we bring to children through our concepts. We love the challenge to create new products in order to continue to entertain children worldwide.

SuperThings Secret Spies

In the Secret Spies series, there are over 80 new SuperThings to collect! In this new collection, in addition to the figures, the teams, the silver and gold captains, there are 12 “spies” but… are they heroes or villains?

SuperThings Power Band

Feel the power of SuperThings on your wrist with the Power Band! Move between the 4 different characters and activate the 3 sounds per character to feel like a Kaboom City superhero or supervillain.

SuperThings Heroes Head Quarters

The SuperThings headquarters are amazing! The alarm rings to go and defend Kaboom City!

SuperThings Kazoom Racer & Speed Fury

Kid Kazoom and Kid Fury confront each other with their new vehicles!


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