Mr Hullabaloo

Stand Number: GH5

green house

Welcome to the world of Mr Hullabaloo the magical storyteller.

Founded and developed by two fully qualified and experienced nursery/primary school teachers Ian Kells and Noleen Esler, the Mr Hullabaloo Company has been building story traditions since 2006. We provide touring interactive shows and workshops for schools, theatres and events together with a range of quality learning resources and product based on our original characters designed to make learning magical and fun whilst fully supporting the early years curriculum.

In Mr Hullabaloo’s world, puppetry, characters, music and movement combine with imaginative storytelling to promote learning, diversity, mindfulness and a sense of well-being in small children.

Our products and teaching resources have been designed to enable children to…

  • Enhance memory and concentration

  • Acknowledge feelings and emotions of themselves and others

  • Gain awareness and knowledge of the world around them

  • Develop a personal sense calm and well-being through various mindfulness techniques

  • Enhance creativity and imagination

  • Build upon numeracy Skills

  • Increase physical capability

  • Celebrate diversity

Our Vision

In an ever increasing technological world, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of gathering together for a shared story experience to promote learning, diversity, mindfulness and well-being. To help make this a reality, we offer touring interactive theatre shows together with a range of high quality products and child friendly characters that make storytelling and using imaginations simple, easy and fun!

Let’s bring educators, parents and children together for shared story times by providing quality resources and services to help them do just that.

Join us in a world where storytelling, music and imaginative play happen each and every day!