My Little Worlds

Introducing a new colour and play set aimed at keeping little ones occupied and engaged.Welcome to My Little World – Imaginative worlds for little minds to create and explore.
Who are My Little World?
Established in 2017 by two school friends, My Little World was created to get children off their gadgets and screens and help them use their imagination to be creative. Richard Walkling, with years in marketing and sales, founded the company with Tim Frost, who has spent his working life animating some of the UK’s biggest children’s titles including Peppa Pig, Hey Dougee and Moshi Monsters. Born in a coffee shop, the seed was sown to create something that would keep kids occupied.
What do you sell?
There are 9 standard sets, including two My Little Scotland sets. The range is available in stores across the country. Covering such topics as Emergency Services, Fairy Village, Space, Airports and Christmas, every set is individual and offer hours of colouring and play. There are 12 A5 cards to colour with the 12 coloured pencils included, plus little stands to hold the buildings and scenery.
Launching at Toy Fair 2020 – 2 New My Little Ireland Sets, 2 My Little London, Around the World and Pre-Launch of Zoo and Holiday Time.
Is it ECO friendly?
All of the packaging and cards are made from responsibly sourced FSC or recycled sources, and only the little stands are made from plastic, but these are reusable over and over again.
Can you have your own design?
For low set up costs, and low minimum orders, we can print the sleeve with a customer’s own branding, website, phone number etc… and, for a modest cost on larger orders, we can include your own company mascot or logos throughout the set, name the characters, and include your own messages, coupons, menu cards or other publicity material. Fast turnarounds, and the ability to create seasonal, event based or location-based sets make this an amazing marketing tool for any business.
Who have you supplied?
We have supplied our standard range to garden centres, toy shops, post offices and the majority of Visitor Information Centres in Scotland. Two own-branded versions have been created for Aerospace Bristol, including Concorde and the Harrier Jump Jet, a set for Painshill Landscape Gardens in Surrey and a set for Harvey’s department store in Halifax including HBOS and the Piece Hall.
A bit more about My Little World and how it all started.
Developed by two school friends, My Little World brings together beautifully drawn characters and scenes to create an exciting new role play world that will spark a child’s creativity and imagination. Watch as children create their own adventures and develop their world understanding through play.
Richard and Tim are both parents and have teamed up to create a way to help children and parents reduce screen time and media use during play time. My Little World provides a child with creative play opportunities using simple tools: Drawings, card and colouring pencils.
Richard’s idea was to create a world a child can immerse themselves in. A place where they can use their own imagination to create adventures, invent and expand on the stories they create – a child’s mind knows no limits, it just needs nurturing and encouraging.
Tim created the beautiful designs. With over 15 years of experience in some of the biggest children’s animated TV shows and games (Peppa Pig, Moshi Monsters, Hey Duggee!), Tim uses his experience in children’s media to create characters and scenes that will appeal to children young and old. The characters are double-sided to increase the fun as children create their own stories, and every scene contains fun hidden gems to add a twist to any story.
My Little World provides children with fun environments to explore, free from guns and other violent imagery. We hope you enjoy exploring My Little World as much as we enjoy making it!

Created, manufactured and printed in the UK on responsibly sourced paper and board.
All paper, card and packaging is recyclable.


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