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My Toy Fair Blog – Bandai Q&A

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Please introduce yourself and your company:

Kirsty Mackenzie, Head of Marketing, Bandai UK

What products are you launching at Toy Fair?

Dragon Ball is a key focus for us and we will be showing the new product line up. In addition we will be launching the McFarlane brand to sit alongside our existing Banpresto and Anime Heroes ranges. We will also have new news in our third party ranges including an exciting new product range for Miraculous and also a re-launch of our successful Harumika brand.

How did you get into the toy industry?

I did my university placement at Mattel in marketing and loved it. It’s a fun industry to be part of.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

Barbie was my favourite toy and so getting my first ‘real’ job at Mattel was a dream come true!

What is the one “special ingredient” that makes a great toy?

Innovation – kids love something new and exciting even if it is a spin on an old concept.

Other than your own, what toy brand really stands out to you today?

I think what Funko have done is interesting in bringing a collector brand to the mass market. This is something that we are beginning with Dragon Ball and it would be great to replicate some of their success.

What was your best memory of Toy Fair?

Last year – my first Toy Fair at Bandai and our first with our new stand. We had a great show, it was very busy and the feedback we had from customers on our stand and our brands was so positive.

What’s your top tip for surviving Toy Fair?

Flat shoes and lip balm!