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Educational Advantage will be exhibiting at this year’s Toy Fair for the first time, and we are very excited to be part of this year’s exhibition. The company has been in business for 10 years and is the sister company of Polydron, which has been selling products in schools worldwide for more than 30 years. The two companies work closely together, and you will often see them side-by-side providing quality products for children and teachers around the world. Toy Fair is the chance for our two great projects to come together.

Toy Fair is a great adventure for us at Educational Advantage. We are new to this show, and we are new to the world of retail in the UK. We came here last year and loved what we saw, we felt an energy, and an enthusiasm that is not always evident in our industry in these testing times. We wanted to be part of it, and now we are, it’s exciting.

Toy Fair is going to be a very exciting few days, where we are bringing new ideas and a willingness to learn. We want you to come and meet with us, and most importantly, play! We bring something new, and we bring our many years of experience working with teachers and children all over the world. We will have great items that are ready for the retail market – some tried and tested favourites from the past and some surprising new items that will intrigue you all.

For Polydron, Toy Fair is not quite a new fair for us. We have been before, but as it was such a long time ago, it feels all new. We were here in the 1980s, and I suspect things have changed a great deal since then. Even the idea of writing a blog, or using social media in those days would have been like doing something outrageous for the space programme. Back in the 1980s the closest thing to a blog would have been writing to a bloke on a local newspaper…

Polydron is almost unrecognisable from our last venture into the world of the London Toy Fair with our squares and triangles. In the intervening years, we have made huge strides forward and produced some exciting new construction toys. In a world dominated by the need to be constantly glued to anything with a WIFI signal, these toys bring children right back down to earth, and encourage them to start using those important skills of creativity, imagination and muscle power all over again. Creativity is back in, and we are constructing a bright future that will enthral our kids.

We think we have something pretty special, so come and see for yourself at stand number Gallery 149.

Cyril Dowling, Sales Director, Educational Advantage