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GEOMAGWORLD SA, as European leader on construction magnetic products is delighted to present at London Olympia a collection of quality and highly innovative new products for all children of all ages. Geomagworld SA, the company that made magnetic toys famous all over the world, presents a new revolutionary GREEN RANGE: a market leading innovation that both our consumers and Planet will appreciate!  

Several years ago, Geomagworld began increasing the level of environmental sustainability in its production processes by converting to the use of 100% renewable energy and drastically reducing industrial waste. For 2020, we are delighted to announce the introduction of several eco-friendly products, manufactured almost entirely from recycled materials. Plastic materials will be replaced with 100% recycled plastic whilst the rest of components have a very high proportion of recycled materials. In addition to this and to reduce already polluted waters Geomag have installed a recovery plant in the waters of a large marina which will collect plastics and micro-plastics from the waters. To ensure complete transparency, as well as indicating that the products are made from 100% recycled products, the packaging will also provide details of materials used in its production. Included within the Green Range will be nine Geomag Classic and Panel items, all available from June 2020.  Each item has a different piece count, from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 200 components. The Green Classic and Panels ensure will incorporate the highest standards environmental sustainability with magnetic rods, panels and bases being made of the 100% recycled plastic. The brand-new storage boxes included will be practical and durable pocket sized for the convenient storage of the rods and spheres. The cardboard boxes also have a high percentage of recycled materials. In addition to the Classic and Panels items will be four Magicube items, each one

containing between 8 and 64 cubes. These Full Color items will be available from June 2020. With powerful magnets these cubes, again made from 100% recycled plastic feature exciting bright colours. Even the transparent packaging is 80% regenerated PET. Build fun and strong constructions and listen for the ‘unique click’!

Geomag are particularly committed in achieving this environmentally friendly range dream without impacting costs for consumers and above all without detracting from the aesthetics and Swiss made quality of the products. The Green Range offers products that, in addition to guaranteeing children a continued unique play experience, will remain with them as they grow whilst also encouraging them to respect where they live: Planet Earth.

You can visit Geomag and find out more on the Green Range at Olympia, London (Gallery 501).