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By December 10, 2018No Comments

Great Gizmos all started 21 years ago when Judith and Ian became frustrated with the lack of toys they could buy for their three children. They wanted good wholesome products that the kids could sit down and make at the table, and so they set out to rectify the situation and here we are today!

Our first ever Toy Fair stand was 2m x 1.5m and we were showing our collective range of laser spinners that we had to stick all over the walls to make the stand look full! 4M came to see us and liked what they found, and there and then offered us the exclusivity to distribute their products. To this day they are still our main supplier. Our first ever products were our glow in the dark range, sand art and yoyo’s. We still have the glow and sand art items in our range today!

Our product offering has expanded over the years, as has our stand at Toy Fair! Our first stand was very rustic and homemade. Today it is very bright and white and is 15m x 8m. We are renowned for having the best lit (and hottest!) stand. Our range is now made up of gifty toys that encourage children to learn through play and not become too engrossed in computer games and tablets. A lot of our products teach things that are in the school curriculum. Our science and craft kits appeal to parents and grandparents (and kids!) who recognise the need for kids to be able to develop cognitive skills, such as hand eye coordination and problem solving. We feel we have a cohesive range of products that appeal to all sectors of the market with price points to suit all budgets.

We are still very much a family run business, with me joining 6 years ago, and it is our passion that drives the business forward. The market and industry has changed and with that we have had to adapt and be open to new ideas and product offerings. Judith and I started to look after the key accounts three years ago and have developed some really strong relationships with our buyers. We are really well represented on the high street but it always amazes me at the opportunities that arise, most of which start from a conversation or an introduction at a trade show.

Toy Fair is hugely important to us as it is where we showcase our new products in existing ranges and also new brands we are representing. This year we have two new brands joining our portfolio! The atmosphere at the show is fantastic and we are always run off our feet with appointments. We have a brilliant team of agents who look after all the independents and Toy Fair, it is a great place and opportunity for them to catch up with their customers. We can’t wait for Toy Fair 2019!

Sarah Dayus, Sales and Brand Manager