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By January 4, 2018No Comments

When I started working on MURO back in 2013, I never intended to launch an education company at the London Toy Fair in 2018. But four years on and that’s exactly the position I find myself in, ready to turn up with a beautifully made range of products and the scope for some genuinely novel research into early-year development. As a designer from a scientific background (I trained as a biochemist and worked in the medical industry for seven years before founding MURO) that’s about as good as it gets!  

The spark for MURO came from a ‘busy board’ my brother built for my 9-month-old nephew. I had never seen busy boards before and was blown away by how much Ben engaged with simple objects when they were presented in this vertical format.

After doing some research I discovered that busy boards themselves are nothing new, a quick search on Pinterest will return thousands of results from crafty-parents around the world. But I was surprised to discover no commercial product on the market. I set about trying to create a busy-board for the non-crafty parents, but struggled – deciding which objects would appeal to the most kids was an impossible task. This was the point at which MURO had its defining realisation – we would create a modular platform and let parents and children choose for themselves.

Fast forward four years, a successful Kickstarter campaign and a WeWork Creator Award, and I find myself working in partnership with a distinguished educational psychologist and neuroscientist. Both of these partnerships have been built around a strong desire to back-up MUROs educational claims with real science. It is still too early to tell exactly what will come from these academic partnerships but the three of us share a common belief – MURO provides the perfect platform to explore, study and support early-years development from both a social and physiological perspective.

It is time to announce the launch of our retail-ready product and take MURO to the next level and the London Toy Fair seems like the perfect place to do this. MURO is here, and we’re going to do things a little differently!

Jeremy Bond, Director