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My Toy Fair Blog – Playmobil Q&A

By December 19, 2019No Comments

Please introduce yourself and your company:

My name is Jamie Dickinson and I’m the Marketing Manager at PLAYMOBIL UK. We are a German toy company owned by Geobra Brandstätter that creates playsets based on a variety of historical and modern play themes to unleash childrens’ imaginations for the past 45 years.

What products are you launching at Toy Fair?

We’re unveiling our 2020 playsets, including more than 20 new or extended ranges in the first quarter alone, as well as exciting new licensed ranges: Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo and brand-new theme concepts Knights of Novelmore and EverDreamerz.

How did you get into the toy industry?

I was working for a few years as a Category Manager for a well-known building supplier. When the opportunity came to work for such a great brand as Playmobil I could not resist the call.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

From a young age I always loved toys cars. I had quite a collection of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. My favourite was my Aston Martin DB5 with ejector seat.

What is the one “special ingredient” that makes a great toy?

I think that the one ‘special ingredient’ is giving children the opportunity for imaginative role play, allowing them to create and explore a world of their own.

Other than your own, what toy brand really stands out to you today?

We always look forward to seeing what brands are doing each year, but this year Ravensburger has really stood out for us. They create toys which are loved by children and are always a pleasure to see.

What was your best memory of Toy Fair?

It has to be the first time I ever attended Toy Fair. It was an incredible (and slightly overwhelming!) experience. Everyone was so welcoming, and the atmosphere was second-to-none.

What’s your top tip for surviving Toy Fair?

There is so much happening at Toy Fair and so many people to meet; take your time walking round the exhibition and make the most of the opportunity. As well as the obvious, wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated!