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My Toy Fair Blog – Warcradle Studios Q&A

By January 16, 2020No Comments

Please Introduce yourself and your company:

I’m Chris Pond, the assistant studio manager of Warcradle Studios, a team developing all kinds of tabletop experiences, such as board games, miniatures games and card games. We are passionate about developing rich and thematic settings for each of our games and work hard to ensure the game itself is true to its theme. We are keen to make use of the latest technologies such as 3D printing and laser etching to help bring our characters and worlds to life.

What products are you launching at Toy Fair?

We’re looking forward to launching our new board game ‘Bill and Ted’s Riff in Time’. We’re hoping that attendees will enjoy trying it out and we can’t wait to see their reactions.

How did you get into the Toy industry?

Wayland Games has been a leading retailer in the miniatures and hobby industry for over a decade. Warcradle Studios was established as a creative division within the company and has been producing miniatures and games for several years now.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

I’d probably say Transformers, I always liked how they didn’t just look great, but they did so much as well. They can be quite involved, like a puzzle. You want to shift it from one configuration to another. A recognisable vehicle becomes a robot. It’s difficult to get bored with something that you interact with like that. It holds your attention so well.

What is the one “special ingredient” that makes a great toy?

It needs to spark the imagination. A toy can look great, but if it doesn’t inspire creativity or enjoyment then the novelty will wear off very quickly.

Other than your own, what toy brand really stands out to you today?

Funko. On the surface, they seem like inanimate lumps of plastic, but they spark the imagination perfectly. They are both iconic and immediately recognisable. They seem to be one of those products that even if you don’t own any, you’re still fascinated by them whenever you spot one.

What is your best memory of Toy Fair?

This is actually our first time attending Toy Fair and we’re really excited to be taking part. From everything we’ve heard, it seems like we’ve got a great few days in store. So, I’m sure that once it’s finished we’ll have lots of memories and highlights to share.

What’s your top tip for surviving Toy Fair?

As we’ve not attended before we don’t have an answer to this one, unfortunately. However, we’re keeping an eye out for other people’s advice to make sure that we’re fully prepared for the show. It’s been really interesting getting to see other companies tips, we’ve seen advice from wearing comfortable shoes to making sure you stand out and it’s all been very useful.