Exhibitor List 2021


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Stand Number: H23

SJD Games LTD is very proud to introduce 2 Way Games a unique fun and exciting new range to produce thrilling duels between friends and family in a totally different approach to tabletop games. The centrepiece of our 2 Main Games – Words and Shapes is an impressive patented graphic designed ‘Battle Grid’ which allows many different subject-based contests with various sets of Expansion Packs-each containing 90 double-sided tiles.

The first 2 Way Game, 2 Way Words arrived in the UK , in late November 2021, and we will have 5 other 2 Way Games – namely Shapes, Flags, Numbers, Animal and Arrows on display on our stand H23. Please come along and playtest these amazing games – everyone will be most welcome, alternatively please have a look at the 6 videos on our Toy Fair video page.

All 2 Way Games have different educational and fun drivers, which will appeal to all parts of the gaming marketplace – to gamers and non-gamers alike. The interest in these games has been truly amazing. Stand H23 – SJD Games ltd www.2way.games