The Den Kit Company

Offering every child an outdoor experience whatever the weather, our range of shelter-building and nature-inspired activity kits has been lovingly designed to capture creative imaginations, encourage resourcefulness and innovation, provide escape and sanctuary, and most of all supply hours and hours of simple fun.

Ignite their Imaginations

Our Christmas Campaign 2020 film – created to showcase and celebrate the magic of outdoor play.

Adventure is Calling

In collaboration with one of the world’s foremost survivalists, Ed Stafford, we designed a comprehensive outdoor experience kit for older children: The Shelter Kit. This video shows Ed and team explore the kit’s benefits and the importance of adventure.

Get to Know Us

In this video, the Den Kit Co founders Kay and Jo discuss the origins of the company and why outdoor, un structured play for children is so critical.

Camp Wilderness Review the Shelter Kit

The guys from Camp Wilderness put the Ed Stafford Shelter Kit through it’s paces. Using the kit to construct a variety of shelters they show how young bushcrafters can learn essential skills and have a whole lot of fun too!


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