The Happy Puzzle Company

Our unique range of games provides opportunities for the whole family to play and learn together. We aim to help children and adults to raise their own expectations of what they can achieve, developing logical reasoning and thinking skills as they have fun together. Each of our products is manufactured to the highest standards, using high quality materials.

In addition, over the last 28 years in the United Kingdom we have developed one of the finest reputations in the marketplace for outstanding customer service.

The Genius Square

The aim of each of the 62,208 possible puzzles is to complete the square using the nine coloured shapes. There may be times it seems impossible, but there will ALWAYS be a solution… that’s why it’s called The Genius Square!

The Genius Star

After the enormous success of The Genius Square, here is the brilliant follow-up, the aim of each of the 165,888 possible puzzles is to complete the star using the eleven coloured shapes, There will always be at least one solution.

Bee Genius

There are 46,656 unique combinations in which the dice can fall, all have at least one solution. Some combinations will be easy and some much harder. Bee Genius is a non-competitive game, devised to help children develop their thinking skills.

Illusion Cubes

Create your own optical Illusions! The 24 double-sided Illusion Cube tiles will allow you to explore, create and build structures that defy logic. 120 challenges have been included to get you started.

30 Cubed

Is this the new Rubik’s Cube? Based on mathematical principles that have challenged generations of mathematicians, the 45 multi-level puzzles will challenge the whole family and will be loved by future generations.

The Amazing Flower Kit

This fabulous craft kit will keep children thoroughly entertained for hours! The set contains everything needed to create a stunning bouquet of 48 multi-coloured flowers. No need for glue or scissors! It all just pops apart and goes creatively together!


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