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By June 13, 2019No Comments

How successful was Toy Fair 2019 for you?

I sound like a stuck record but it’s true that every year gets better for us at Toy Fair. The calibre of customers that we see both old and new is unparalleled. It’s also a brilliant gauge of all our new products and allows us to plan for the year ahead.

Why did you initially choose to exhibit at Toy Fair?

Brainstorm has grown quite quickly over the last few years and initially we attended Toy Fair right back in 1996 to present our products and introduce ourselves to new buyers who we hadn’t previously had access to. Due to the positioning of our stand at the first show and of course our unique products, we were convinced that Toy Fair should be a show we attend on a regular basis. We had the same stand for several years and having grown and become more established as a Toy Fair staple, we moved to a bigger stand back in 2017. This allowed us to invite more visitors to the stand as well as showcasing more of our ranges. The team at Toy Fair are wholly supportive and so it’s always been relatively easy to organise every detail of our stand and activity throughout the fair.

Why was it important for you to exhibit at Toy Fair again in 2020?

As I said previously it’s a no-brainer for us to attend Toy Fair and the show is always planned in our schedule. In 2020 we are expanding again with a bigger stand. While our position will remain the same we will have more space and are really excited to bring more of our products to life for buyers. As our products are STEM related, allowing customers to get to grips with the unique aspects of each product is crucial – the new-look bigger stand will enable us to be more creative in the way we present our ranges.

Do you have any advice to other exhibitors/attendees at Toy Fair?

My advice is to stagger your diary across each of the 3 days to ensure that you are able to give customers enough time to discuss their requirements and present. Also allow room in your diary to be flexible – you never know who will visit your stand at Toy Fair and it’s good to have enough staff available to show buyers around. The social side of the show is great too so my advice there would be it’s a marathon not a sprint!

Are there any highlights at Toy Fair that stand out for you?

A particular highlight for us was when we launched StikBot back in 2017 – it had such a huge response not only from buyers but also the media attending the show and we received widespread coverage across national newspapers and TV as a result and since its launch, the product has gone from strength to strength.

Debra Tiffany, Marketing Manager at Brainstorm Ltd