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My Toy Fair Blog – The Happy Puzzle Company

By August 7, 2019No Comments

How successful was Toy Fair 2019 for you?

Toy Fair 2019 was a resounding success for the Happy Puzzle Company, this was our second time of exhibiting at Toy Fair, and we were still learning ‘the ropes’. We worked hard in securing appointments with retailers, many said they wouldn’t make a firm arrangement, but would try and visit our stand if they had time. The result was brilliant, we met so many buyers, from both, independent and national sectors. Some have now become customers, with repeat trade.

Why did you initially choose to exhibit at Toy Fair?

We view Toy Fair, as ‘The place to be’ if we want to be taken seriously as a supplier. We need to be very visible as a company, and put our games on show. It’s really straight forward, how do we reach so many buyers in 3 days?  Toy Fair!

Why was it important for you to exhibit at Toy Fair again in 2020?

Toy Fair 2019 was very successful for The Happy Puzzle Co, and we need to build on that success. Not to attend in 2020 would be a backward step. Buyers are already agreeing to visit our stand, 2020 is shaping up to be even better than 2019.

Do you have any advice to other exhibitors/attendees at Toy Fair?

For exhibitors, I say embrace the opportunity, it can be 3 long days, it’s tempting to leave early, but what if, with just minutes before the show closes, you leave, and a buyer you’ve emailed walks onto your stand and asks for you, and you’ve left for the day, the moment has gone, the buyer won’t be back.

For attendees, take a look at new potential suppliers, all the exhibitors / salesman who sent those emails asking if you’ve time, have worked so hard for you, please don’t just walk by.

Are there any highlights at Toy Fair that stand out for you?

Watching Timmy Mallet playing our games and enjoying them was a real treat.