Wicked is a young, vibrant toy company like no other. We bring the very best in proudly British made flying toys and games to the global toy market. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of returning boomerangs and we continue to grow thanks to our core values of innovation, ambition and originality.

Innovators of toy crazes as well as enduring classics, our mission is to produce toys of the highest quality that stand the test of time. Our 20 year anniversary is testament to the fact that we continue to introduce fresh, inspiring new products to the global toy market year upon year. We make toys that bring a smile to a child’s face, that cause a commotion in a crowd and that send waves through – not only the industry – but the world too.

We are a truly global toy company. Our Wicked range is sold in a wide variety of retail outlets: from independent toy stores to department stores and major supermarket chains. From gift shops to online and on TV around the world. In our home market, our Booma range is demonstrated in London’s premier flagship stores and tourist attractions, captivating the attention of millions of tourists each year. We work tirelessly to ensure that our products are in demand and flying off the shelves. We want to be in every store, household, beach, park and office around the world.

We’re proud to say that the majority of our flying toys are manufactured in the UK. We don’t follow market trends. We create them. With eye catching in-store visual displays, skilled demonstration, disruptive marketing campaigns, press coverage, PR stunts, social media and promotion – we know how to capture everyone’s attention.

We don’t just make toys, we make memorable experiences. We use our expertise to turn toys into talking points and, in the same breath, to put ‘Wicked’ on everyone’s lips.

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The New Wicked Zzzopa Ball

Spin it! Bounce it! Throw it! Introducing the Wicked Zzzopa – the world’s first bouncing ball with high speed spin technology! Each Zzzopa contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the centre of the ball.

Wicked Boomas Range

The world famous Wicked Booma range features an advanced tri-blade design, ensuring a stable and accurate return flight when thrown as instructed. Every year we sell millions of proudly British made boomerangs.

Wicked Mega Jump

Wicked Mega Jump is the next step in jump ropes! Jump faster, jump better, thanks to the nifty features we’ve incorporated. Ball-bearing axles, great quality thin rope and a textured handle are included in many of the cool features.

Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Up the ante with the Wicked Mega Bounce XL – a super-sized sensation. With a whopping 80cm/31inch diameter, you’ll be AMAZED at its size. Mega Bounce boasts Wicked bouncability on almost any terrain.

Wicked Mega Bounce XTR

We’ve designed this super high bounce ball to be one of the bounciest in the world! Able to bounce way higher than a 2-storey building, the Wicked Mega Bounce XTR really does as its name suggests – produces MEGA bounces!

Wicked UKick

Voted Best New Toy at London Toy Fair, UKick Fuses elements of badminton and street football. The aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can using your hands and feet.


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