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Wow! Stuff

We are Great Brands Brought to Life!
Great Brands? We partner with tier 1 licensed brands and we work until our brains hurt to deliver toys that are really innovative, on brand and in universe – always! We also create innovative platform products and brands of our own where we can lead on innovation, excitement and WOW factor!
Brought to Life? We bring our own and our partner’s brands to life with TV ads and super-cool social media marketing. We love it when kids of all ages from 3 to 83* go “WOW!” when they see our stuff. And we love stuff that makes kids go WOW! more than anything in the whole wide world.
*That’s not to say that we discriminate. We also make toys suitable for pre-schoolers up to those aged 84 and beyond, but that’s a bit too wordy to write down

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Marvel WOW! PODS

Peppa’s Clever Car

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak


Creative Industries Centre
Wolverhampton Science Park
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United Kingdom


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