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Definitely don’t miss out because you’re going to see some great inspirations. Take a few hours to walk around and talk to everyone because it’s absolutely worth it.

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The 3 days we visit London Toy Fair each year are among the most important days of our calendar year. The amount of information, products & networking that we are able to do in such a short period of time is unparalleled, and aside from the absolutely massive to-do list I leave with after the Fair, it is a brilliant, action-packed bundle of craic & business to ensure we are right up to speed with the very best of what is going to be on our shelves for the coming year.


I’ll be attending Toy Fair in Olympia in January 2024 and am looking forward to it. Toy Fair is invaluable for seeing the new launches for the year ahead from the companies I already buy from as well as checking out potential new suppliers and just catching up with all the sales teams and companies I already deal with.

Giddy Goat Toys

Toy Fair is our annual highlight, three days in the capital in a fantastic venue, discovering exciting new products, meeting with suppliers old and new and saying yes to terrific deals.
We love the energy and excitement that makes Toy Fair so unique, it’s an unmissable event.

Howleys Toymaster

Toy Fair is the best place to see what’s new and where the market is going this year.

W H Smith

It just gives you a chance to talk to the experts, the people who know the product better than anybody.

Hamleys of London

I guarantee if you come down you’ll find something you weren’t aware of before, it’ll catch your eye and you’ll get excited by it.

Activision Blizzard

There’s some great products here, great innovation, great people, stuff you’ll never ever see anywhere else and if you’re not here you don’t get to it.


If you want to see what’s hot and what’s going to really drive your business in terms of product, you’ve got to be here there’s no question.

Howleys Toymaster

I’ve come to see all of the great innovation… to catch up with industry colleagues, catch up with retailers, licensees and really get a sense of where the UK Toy Industry is going

Mark KingstonNickelodeon

I thought the show was great, all stands looked fantastic and it was great to be able to see as many suppliers as possible in the three days. Thank you for organising a great Toy Fair, it was wonderful to be back and see so many suppliers and products.


As the only major Toy Fair taking place, it was a pleasure to attend Olympia this year. The fair was busy and exhibitors had, clearly, spent a lot of time and effort in creating their stands. The show gave a fantastic snapshot of the toy industry and was a pleasure to navigate around. Congratulations to the team that organised Toy Fair. It was a triumph!

Total Licensing Ltd

It’s great having so many of our suppliers under one roof, meaning that we can optimise our time and have multiple meetings in a day.
We love the buzz of the hall and look forward to hearing everyone’s whispers of what will be the next big thing.

Hayley WhiteToy Buyer, B&M Stores

We attend to see what’s new for next Christmas, it’s the biggest part of our year, so really looking for some newness, and we’ve seen some actually, really exciting stuff. It’s like an overwhelming shopping experience, where there’s just every single toy you can possibly imagine, it’s amazing, it is overwhelming, because there is so much here, but is it brilliant because you can see so much in one day it’s great.

Lucy HendersonWaitrose & Partners

I come to the show because it’s where you come to see everyone in the UK toy industry, so i’m based in hong kong but work for a uk retailer so i came here early to see everyone, and see what’s going on. Toy Fair is the place to come and see what’s going on in the local market, what’s coming up and what the trends are going to be for the next 12 months.

Nat EastmentHamleys

We are a kid influencer marketing management agency, we work with a lot of influencer who are here and also brands. It’s a great place to be a part of all of the new up and coming toys, from start ups to established companies. it’s a great way to interface with people that are looking to increase their trading size, and really look to develop their brand and integrate on a global level. So it’s a really great opportunity to meet a lot of people at one time.

Catherine KimsenToyBox Marketing

We are working on many different brands rolling out and we are pitching for a lot of master toy opportunities. Everybody’s here, everybody here that you want to see, everybody’s laughing, everybody is here so you can see everybody in three days, all of the key partners. All of the leading manufacturers are here, and you can talk to them, all of their product development are here, so it’s like basically having all of the meetings that you’d need to have in about three months, but you can have them in three days. And it’s at the right time as well, so it’s at a time when retailers are making decisions.

Caroline HighBoat Rocker Studios

I attend Toy Fair looking for exciting new products for 2019. The atmosphere is good, there’s a good buzz about it, so hopefully it’ll be a successful year in 2019. It has a great buzz so hopefully that’ll continue on for the rest of the year

Jack StrachanStrachans Inverurie

The atmosphere is tremendous, this is only my second year, and it’s exciting!

S C BrazierHexCel Solutions

From a licensing perspective, you can’t not go to Toy Fair. Toy Fair is a shop window for toy manufacturers of all sorts, from all over the world, and retailers can come and see the product and make their buying choices going forward.

Jane GarnerKilogrammedia

Congrats to the BTHA for holding their nerve and keeping the show going. Good layout and great organisation in these vivid times. A real showcase for the industry and it steps back to more normal times. Fantastic to see and feel products again and see old faces. Just wish we had more time to chat and catch up.

Kerrison Toys