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Meet with 260+ exhibiting companies and receive exclusive retail offers. Toy Fair is a strictly trade event that welcomes members of the toy, game and hobby industry.

Why Visit?

The Toy Fair is the largest dedicated toy, game and hobby trade exhibition in the UK.

Three packed days of business, with more than 260 exhibiting companies ranging from the large renowned brands right through to the new start-up companies and one-man bands. The Toy Fair is a showcase, providing visitors with a real overview and insight into a fun, innovative and exciting industry. It offers an unrivalled opportunity to meet the toy industry, network with peers, be the first to see the new lines as they are launched for the year ahead and to plan your product range for the next 12 months- a great opportunity to touch, feel and experiment with the products of the future.

SHOW OFFERS: Visitors will also benefit from many exclusive on site retail offers.
FREE VISITOR WI-FI: Olympia London offers a free 1 MB wi-fi offering for visitors throughout the halls.

Why visit?

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Visitor Testimonials

The Toy Fair is one of the best experiences you'll have for seeing brand new items to boost sales for your company! With exciting new ideas from across the board, you'll be hard not to find anything for you and your company! We're extremely grateful to attending our first Toy Fair and looking forward to more!

Dinobot Island Toys

Toy Fair is a showcase, this is how we plan our whole year.

J J Toys

Amazing show, really enjoyed meeting with the different suppliers and seeing some interesting products.


I attendedToy Fair as the buyer of toys and souvenirs for WH Smith UK Travel and this has been my third time now at Toy Fair and it has definitely been the biggest one yet. Toy Fair is great to cement the relationships with existing suppliers and to see what we can get in for Spring/Summer 2024 and beyond that. All our main suppliers are at Toy Fair so it’s a great place to see them and build relationships as much as possible.

W H Smith UK Travel

Who Can Attend?

The Toy Fair is a strictly trade only event and is not open to the public. It is free to all pre-registered guests. If you intend to bring children to the event please note the strict age policy and refer to the Visitor Kids Policy below.

 The Toy Fair welcomes

  • Buyers
  • Merchandisers
  • Licensors
  • The media
  • Influencers
  • Play specialists
  • Inventors
  • Marketeers
  • Designers
  • Suppliers to the trade
  • Distributors
  • Importers
  • Agents
  • Educational specialists
  • and others affiliated with the trade

Visitor Kids Policy

The Toy Fair is a strictly trade-only event and regulations prohibit children between the ages of 5 and 16 entering the fair. Exceptions are made for child performers under the age of 16, but they must hold a child performance licence or have an education exemption notice from their local authority.

For a child to attend, you must provide by January 6 the following to The Toy Fair press team:

  • Completed Toy Fair registration form found HERE
  • Written permission from the child’s school
  • Child performance licence or notice of education exemption issued by local authority
  • Child chaperone licence if person responsible for the child at Toy Fair is not their legal guardian

Once all information has been provided, a press badge can be applied for HERE. The Toy Fair press team will only give final approval of a press badge once all of the above documents have been provided. 

Please note

The Toy Fair and Toy Fair press team cannot apply for or issue licences, this must be done by the parents and local council of the child.

Important children's licence info:

Children attending the Toy Fair

If you wish to bring a child on-site, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the child is properly licenced. Licences are required for child performers to:

  • Demonstrate products on exhibiting stand
  • Film content for social media channels
  • Pose for photography
  • Any involvement in blogging

If your local authority does not issue a child licence, please request an education exemption notice. This should be an email/letter from your local council detailing:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s school
  • Permission to be out of school for the Toy Fair 2025 dates (21-23 January)

Once approved by the press team, each child will be issued a badge to be worn at all times.

The Toy Fair is the UK’s largest dedicated trade show. Toys displayed on stands are examples of future product, with many still in the prototype stage, and can only be handled with the permission of exhibitors. Please make sure children are always kept under close supervision while on-site.

Obtaining the child licence

All children need written permission from their school and the correct child licence, which must be shared with organisers (the BTHA) prior to gaining entry. Child licences are authorised by the child’s local council. If a local council does not issue a child licence, written permission from the child’s local authority will be required. Please note that licences can take 30 days to be issued.

Obtaining a child chaperone licence

All children attending The Toy Fair must be accompanied by a chaperone. If the chaperone is the legal guardian of the child, no additional licence is required. If the chaperone is not the child’s legal guardian, the chaperone will require a chaperone’s licence. Chaperones need to apply for a licence from the local council at least 3 months before the start of Toy Fair on January 21st.

Children Under Five

All non-performing children below the age of five can attend The Toy Fair without a licence under the supervision of a guardian or chaperone, but please note a chaperone will still require a licence. If a child under five is attending in a performing/working capacity, a completed Toy Fair registration form and licence must be provided to the press team before applying for a press badge.

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March 24, 2024
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February 5, 2024
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Accommodation / Travel / Parking


For information on accommodation during Toy Fair please visit our accommodation partners; Event Express


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For parking please visit Olympia parking.
Please note: Due to Olympia redevelopments, parking availability is significantly reduced, so pre-booking is strongly advised as is the use of public transport where possible.


For information on accommodation during Toy Fair please visit our accommodation partners; Event Express


For information on getting to Olympia London visit Olympia's travel guide


For parking please visit Olympia parking

Explore the area

The Toy Fair takes place at Olympia London, Kensington, providing a great opportunity for visitors to see London after hours.

Please visit the Olympia website for useful information about the surrounding area.

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