Exhibit at Toy Fair

No other event brings together so many toy manufacturers and retailers from small innovative companies to the big chain outlets all under one roof to do one thing: successful business.

Why Exhibit?

The Toy Fair is THE industry showcase

No other event brings together so many toy manufacturers and retailers – from small innovative companies to the big chain outlets – all under one roof to do one thing: successful business.

The Toy Fair offers 23,000m² of space devoted to the toy, game and hobby business and is the only dedicated toy trade event in the UK.

Since the move back to Olympia London in 2010, the show now occupies the Grand and National Halls including the upper levels.

In 2022 the show attracted more than 260 exhibiting companies who came to meet buyers from the UK and abroad. As well as buyers from across the range of independent and multiple stores, online retail and catalogue retailers, the Toy Fair attracts a range of visitors from licensors and play specialists to designers, inventors and distributors. In 2022 it also attracted more than 300 members of the press.

See what previous exhibitors say

Exhibitor Testimonials

It was especially busy for us with international visitors. We originally had only 3 international meetings but following the cancellation of Nuremberg, we ended up with 25+. In addition, we saw some international retailers who we would normally see in Nuremberg. We can all be proud of what has been achieved and certainly a beacon of light to the rest of the industry worldwide.

Jerry Healy, Character Options

Like all exhibitors we of course returned to Toy Fair with some trepidation. Any fears were allayed as soon as the doors opened. It felt like business as usual and a real boost to be back at what is for us, our main trade show of the year. Both exhibitors and visitors alike seemed buoyant, and we are delighted it went ahead as it’s been a great event for the industry. Long may these face-to-face events continue.

Debra Tiffany, Brainstorm

Toy Fair 2022 has been even better for business than in January 2020, we have experienced a big increase in orders. It’s great that the trade shows are back up and running. It has been incredible, we have been non-stop writing orders.

Richard Keel, Keel Toys

This is our first year exhibiting at the London Toy Fair and the response we have received has been amazing. We started HoloToyz during the first lockdown, so having the opportunity to meet people face-to-face and demo our products in person has been a game changer for us. As we are brand-new, we needed to showcase our portfolio of products to the toy industry in order to secure distribution and network with experts in the industry. Having won second place in the Editor’s Choice Awards 2022, we will never forget our first experience at London Toy Fair, and we will definitely be back next year!

Kate Scott, HoloToyz

Stand Options

There are three different packages available at The Toy Fair to help you to make the most of your participation at the show.
For prices and availability call a member of the team on 00 44 (0) 20 7701 7127 or email Rebecca@btha.co.uk

If you wish to view visual examples of stands from previous years please email Majen@btha.co.uk

NB: ALL the below stand packages include show services such as event security, basic stand cleaning, venue lighting and PR opportunities.
Prices can be found on the application form.

PLEASE NOTE – Exhibitors located outside of the UK are not subject to VAT

View stand options here

Economy package (The Greenhouse)

Economy packages are available in the Greenhouse Area. This is a dedicated space in the middle of the Grand Hall for companies wishing to take a small space. The Greenhouse Area was introduced in 2004 and has proved extremely popular with new and small exhibitors, usually selling out by late Summer.

Economy packages can be booked in 5, 10, 15 or 20 square metre units and are built of GES Complete walling with a green overhead leaf design top up panel, grey carpet (surrounding carpet is green) and an overlay name board for the company name and stand number. The structure is 2.5m high and is made from aluminium upright posts and a combination of 1m and 0.5m infill panels.

Included in the package price is the stand build, grey carpet, fascia/name board with stand number, a fluorescent strip light and a chair – one item per each 5 sqm unit.  Please note power socket fittings are NOT included.

IMPORTANT: Please take care to review the technical specification of the GES Complete system here. If you have any technical questions or are concerned that existing graphics you have will not fit the GES Complete system, please contact customerservice@ges.com

Shell Scheme Package

Shell Scheme Packages are available in any size upwards of 6m2 and in any area of the halls (excluding the Greenhouse Area), according to availability at time of booking. Shell scheme stands are built for you and are made from GES Complete (1m W x 2.5m H) wall panelling. Straight fascia boards are provided to each open side of your stand displaying your company name and stand number. Fascias are 300mm deep with the underside at 2.2m from the floor and aluminium trim at the top and bottom. Fascia supports are generally every 4 metres located at the contractors discretion.
Included in the package price is the stand build, fascia/name board with stand number and grey carpet to allow your products to stand out. Carpet and fascia colour can be upgraded at a cost.


IMPORTANT: Please take care to review the technical specification of the GES Complete system here. If you have any technical questions or are concerned that existing graphics you have will not fit the GES Complete system, please contact customerservice@ges.com.

Self-Build Package

Self-Build Packages are available for those wanting to build their own stands. This package is simply the ‘space-only’, no walls or carpet are included. It is also the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that their space is finished to a high standard.
Please also note that due to the structure of the venue, there may be columns within your stand area. The BTHA will not charge for the area taken up by the column/s but more importantly please ensure you incorporate these columns when designing your stand.
As the Toy Fair includes the Grand Hall and National Galleries, it imperative that if your stand is visible from the Gallery, the top of your stand is finished to a high standard – hiding any lighting/wiring tracks with suitable fire proof material and if so desired enclosing your meeting rooms. NB: Please be aware that depending on the size of the meeting room you may need to install suitable evacuation directional lighting. More operational guidance and stand build rules and regulations can be found in the Exhibitor Show Manual.
All self-build exhibitors will be required to submit stand plans for approval prior to arriving on site.

Look back at the

2022 show

Exhibitors Show Manual

Details of the 2023 Toy Fair Exhibitor Manual will be published in October 2022.

Please use the 2022 exhibitor manual as an example on the right

PR Manual

Details of the 2023 Toy Fair PR Manual and PR forms will be published in October 2022.

Please see below for example forms and manual from the 2022 show.

The Exhibitor PR Manual is an invaluable guide to getting the most in terms of PR from your time at the show. It includes opportunities to get involved in PR activities in the run up to and during the fair.

Please see the 2022 Toy Fair PR Manual and PR forms below.

For any questions Contact the Toy Fair organising team

Toy Fair PR Tips

How to… Get Started With Toy Fair PR! 1:42

How to… Make a Good PR Story! 0:56

How to… Pitch A Journalist! 1:11

 How to… Ace the Demo Zone! 1:27

How to… Get Ready for Toy Fair! 1:40

Exhibitor Kids Policy

During the build and break periods, children under the age of 16 are not permitted within the venue – please refer to the Build/Open/Break schedules in the Exhibitor Manual for specific timings. Proof of age may be requested.

Once the show is open, exhibitors who have children on their stands to help promote and demonstrate their products must ensure all children are fully licensed and pre-registered via the Toy Fair press agency as ‘press children’ prior to Toy Fair.

All approved children and chaperones will be able to collect their badges from the on-site registration desk in the Grand Hall foyer. Press children will be given a PRESS KIDS sticker which must be worn at all times to signify they are working at the exhibition and fully licensed to do so.


2022 sponsorship examples

Toy Fair Sponsorship options are open not only to exhibitors but also licensors within the industry. We have designed packages to suit every budget.

For details and prices of all Sponsorship opportunities please contact Majen@btha.co.uk or call 020 7701 7127.

Toy Fair Charity

Each year many of the Toy Fair exhibitors generously donate products to the Toy Fair designated charity at the end of the show equating to thousands of pounds worth of toys. This is done via a ‘trolley dash’ undertaken by volunteers at the end of the final day of the show.

KidsOut were the the official Toy Fair charity for the 2022 event.

Toy Fair 2022 Exhibitors donate 3,500 toys to KidsOut