Cloudb/Little Big Friends

Stand Number: Upper Level 190


For more than 20 years™ , Cloud b has been the pioneer in the creation of products designed for children’s well-being and good sleep. Cloud b’s products are trusted by parents around the world and have received numerous industry awards for their quality and innovation. Cloud b is best known for their musical toys and nightlight collections.

Les Ptipotos

Les Ptipotos is a collection of beautiful soft stuffed animals in monochrome tones. The Ptipotos are available in sea animal plush collection and land animal plush collection. Some stuffed animals even have a baby hidden in its mother. Of different sizes and shapes, The Ptitpotos catch and manipulate each other in all directions. Around the neck, on the head or on the shoulder and even as a small cushion, they can be carried everywhere with you!

Little Big Friends

The Little Big Friends are adorable soft animals available in a whole range of characters designed to amuse and delight toddlers.  The Musical Animals are soft music boxes, where each animal plays a different melody.  Their mini versions, the Tiny Friends rattles, are collectible for infinite play possibilities!  They are so cute and stylish that they fit perfectly in any nursery.  The Pull-Along Animals are fun companions on wheels that can accompany baby on his first adventures!  Our friends from the Jungle, the Farm, the Forest, and the Ocean can also be found on large, soft, activity-rich play mats, pretty wooden arches, activity spirals, play balls and activity cubes.