Farplace Animal Rescue / Farplace Trading Ltd

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Farplace Animal Rescue / Farplace Trading Ltd

Stand Number: GH9

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FARPLACE ANIMAL RESCUE is a charity dedicated to animal rescue and rehoming.  We have produced a number of games to help fundraise for the charity as our CEO Gareth has collected and played board games for over 40 years and has now designed these new games, the first of which is based on animal rescue, a unique concept in the game world.  We have tested the game at ESSEN SPIEL in October 2023 and have great feedback, with several expansions on the way already.

WOOF DAYS, CAT DAYS, DINO DAYS are new card games launching at Toy Fair and we would be happy to demonstrate any of them in just a few minutes.  They lend themselves to developing further versions, and we are open to IP proposals.