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Jumbo Group is a committed team of people with a purpose: To unlock the Power of Play to create meaningful connections. You’ve undoubtedly played some of our games, such as Stratego, Party and Co, Hitster, Milles Bornes, among many others, and you probably know our brands, which have a long history in Europe. We create, manufacture and distribute games and toys all over the world, specialising in categories such as puzzles, board games, educational games and arts and crafts. The Jumbo Group is officially comprised of 6 companies, all of which are very well known in the market thanks to their brands: Koninklijke Jumbo (Jumbo), headquartered in the Netherlands; Diset, with its headquarters in Spain; James Galt, with its offices in the United Kingdom; Dujardin & KD based in France; and Yulu, from Hong Kong. In our day-to-day work, we are a multicultural and diverse team that, while being locally based, works through a global vision and a high level of empowerment.


James Galt, Sovereign House,
Stockport Road
United Kingdom

[email protected]

0161 428 9111

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