Golden Bear Toys

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Golden Bear Toys

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We at Golden Bear Toys treat every brand like our own, and in time for Christmas, we are launching brand-new products for our IPS brands: Bing, Hey Duggee, and In the Night Garden featuring the iconic characters from the hit children’s TV shows, now including Supertato! Our award-winning brand Curlimals are venturing out from our adorable woodland friends to new SKUs. These interactive cuties are making friends in 44 countries around the world. From Higgle the Hedgehog to Perry the Polar Bear, the Curlimals are always ready to Uncurl the Cuteness!

We are reaching for the stars and introducing new games suitable for both children and adults! Farty Freddie, and Squirty Gertie are our newest additions to our Children’s Games category. Fun for all the family; Farty Freddie’s pass-the-parcel play pattern brings children together in fits of laughter. Our new adult games are the perfect game to pack for a date night, game night, pre-drinks and more! Test your brain power with Mind Meld. Or maybe you’re brave enough to send your friends and family some questionable texts with Hit Send? Bring the whole family together with in a battle of the brains, who will come out on top after playing the number one football trivia game, Fan Zone?

A brand-led range of products by Golden Bear, created for the expansive world of football fans. We are tapping into the latest football trends and are working with retailers to maximize marketing in this space. Starting with the Speed Ball and Counter Ball, we have focused on what is trending in the football world and tailored future products on what our customers want to use. Fast forward to our Skills Ball, including 6 different ways for any football fan to test their skills and train like a pro! Our brand-new product the Smart Ball Soccor Bot is the brightest innovation in football and our solution to playing football inside the house without any danger of broken windows or vases! Soccer Bot is the Ultimate Indoor Football Trainer. Using the latest sensor technology Soccer Bot can keep track of the football and will try and tackle the ball! Activate your Soccer Bot and get ready as the Soccer Bot will track the football and try and tackle you! There are three levels of difficulty; how long can you survive?