The London Toy Company

We are The London Toy Company! You might have guessed it; we are based in London, but we’re also in 1000’s of homes across the world from Japan to South Korea, USA to Germany, Australia to London and many more.

Soft toys are what we do best, working with some of the biggest evergreen brands, we produce iconic and realistic toys based on real life design icons, such as buildings and buses, film and TV series’, brands and corporations plus many more.

You may know us as High Resolution Design, but in 2020 we rebranded to The London Toy Company to better reflect what we do and our identity.

Harry Potter Soft Toy Vehicles from The London Toy Company

Enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with the brand new soft toy range from The London Toy Company! Which is your favourite?


Mowbray House 58-70
Edgware Way
United Kingdom

020 3488 1558

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