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Magformers UK Ltd are the owner/importer of the leading magnetic toy brands Magformers and Stick-O and the new UVC light sterilising storage box brand, Dothams. Our parent company based in South Korea has a 28-year pedigree working in the educational and play sectors and pioneered the Rotating Magnet System – where sealed magnets inside our toys rotate, so they always connect, regardless of how they are brought together.

Magformers 2021

Matt Donald presents all the new Magformers sets for 2021 in this fun video (it’s like having a personal demonstration). See what can be built – and what changes have been made to the new WOW and Carnival sets.

Stick-O: Learn more about the brand

Demonstrator Matt Donald talks you through the Stick-O Basic 10 set as an introduction to this new magnetic construction toy for toddlers and perschoolers.

Stick-O Forest Friends: What’s In The Box?

A look inside the fabulous Stick-O Forest Friends magnetic construction toy set by Magformers.

Magformers At Toy Fair 2020 with Sara Damerji

Take a trip back in time (well, 12 months anyway) as Magformers’ demo king Matt Donald gives the lovely mum-to-be Sara Damerji a full rundown of Magformers toys and what he can build.

Magformers in Education: Learning maths is fun.

Magformers are super fun, but they are also used in increasing numbers of schools to teach some cool maths. Matt Donald explains more.


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