Marvin's Magic

Stand Number: H65



MARVIN’S MAGIC is internationally recognised as the brand leader and number one for magic worldwide.

It is proud to have won many accolades, has the bestselling magic sets and largest following of young magicians anywhere!

Magic is normally based on dexterity, skill and many years of practice but with Marvin’s Magic, budding magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time. It’s professional magic made easy!

The mastermind behind Marvin’s Magic is Marvin Berglas – award winning magician and entrepreneur who grew up in one of the most famous and respected magical families. In 1987, Marvin’s Magic launched its first professional magic made easy range within Hamleys of Regent Street in central London. Now in its 35th year, it continues to run successful magic shops within some of the World’s most prestigious stores with their team of Marvin’s magicians on-hand to help create in-store theatre and impress with their spell-binding magic demonstrations.

Its highly collectable, innovative magic sets, available for all ages and price points are now widely available and have inspired millions of young budding magicians.

Marvin’s Magic remains passionate and innovative and strives to inspire the next generation of magicians!

It’s not just magic… it’s Marvin’s Magic