Mojo Fun Limited

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Mojo Fun Limited

Stand Number: Upper Level 141

Designed and sculpted in the UK, Mojo is a family-oriented company working hard to deepen our connection to the natural world. Mojo’s mission is to celebrate and explore the world we live in, and our hand-crafted realistic animals let imagination and positive educational roleplay take shape. Spanning the depths of oceans, rainforests, deserts, mountains, time and imagination, Mojo animals are great collectible items appealing to all ages.

Since 2009, Mojo has been dedicated to replicating the beauty of natural world with animal figurines. The word Mojo means ‘inner magic’ and the brand is committed to enriching children’s imaginative play in their discovery of the animal world. Our aim is to awaken the inner magic in everyone, the potential is endless: from beloved animals in the home and farms to global wildlife in the deepest rainforests, to deep ocean sea life, and even going backwards in time to prehistorical life and whimsical fantasy animals. The fun starts here!