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M V Sports


Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and the company you work for

Hello! We are Mel and Chloe, product managers and top toy testers at MV Sports. While Mel heads up the department, Chloe is her right-hand woman.


What is your favourite part about working in the toy industry?

Working with all the wonderful licenses and being able to create super fun, unique toys for children that encapsulates their childhood dreams


Give us the inside scoop, what products are you launching at Toy Fair 2023?

We have oodles of new, exciting products and licenses to showcase, most notably Gabby’s Dollhouse! This outdoor toy range consists of wonderfully visual character graphics and bold colours across scooters, bikes, tents and accessories. Additionally, we are ecstatic to be launching Sonic, Transformers and My Little Pony ranges, which truly encapsulate the essence of each main character in both design and style. We are also super proud to be showcasing our extensive range of lithium scooters, because life is electric! Pop down to our stand E75 to take a look!


What trends do you predict for the Toy Fair industry in 2023?

Lots of exciting new licenses and innovative product with new technologies


How many years have you exhibited at Toy Fair 2023? Any favourite memories?

Thirty years, on and off. My very first year at Toy Fair, having joined MV only a week prior, saw myself and fellow product development chum feature in the Tuesday edition of ToyWorld posing on blue and pink electric scooters, then scooting around the stand to capture the light-up wheel features! We had an absolute blast. Another fun memory that I wish had made the press was last year’s Toy Fair at the end of Tuesday setup. Our Product Development Manager was so sleepy she decided to curl up in the Batmobile Deluxe Tent and take a nap, complete with Batman safety helmet! The nature of this product means there is no front door, but instead a roof that we could all peer down into and have a giggle.


What is your favourite toy?

This is a tough one! It has to be either Stretch Armstrong or playing dress-up with my Barbie doll and her Breyer horse, whom I called Abigail


What top tip would you give to a fellow exhibitor or visitor attending their first Toy Fair?

Wear flat shoes and ensure you have packed lots of snacks! Aside from the morning coffee run, ensure you have plenty of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day – it can be long and you will chat more than ever! Preparation is also very handy prior to the show, whether this be meeting notes, a diary of events, product spec – whatever your role, being prepared is key to an enjoyable, successful show.

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