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Alley Cat Games


Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and the company you work for

I am the Lead Editor at Alley Cat Games, a small independent UK Board Game Publisher.

We produce games for the mass market and for Board game hobbyists. My job is to manage our projects and work on everything from early development, to art direction, to final manufacturing.


What is your favourite part about working in the toy industry?

Demoing our games to customers and showing what makes them fun.


Give us the inside scoop, what products are you launching at Toy Fair 2023?

Tinderblox Sunset, a new version of our most popular product with zero single use plastic and sustainably sourced wood products.


What trends do you predict for the Toy Fair industry in 2023?

A move towards smaller, cheaper products that take up less space and cost less.


How many years have you exhibited at Toy Fair 2023? Any favourite memories?

Three years.


What is your favourite toy?

King of Tokyo (Board Game)


What top tip would you give to a fellow exhibitor or visitor attending their first Toy Fair?

The Greenhouse area is a great community within the toy fair and very supportive of each other.

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