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We are delighted to announce that Banana Panda is participating in Toy Fair 2023 for the very first time! This year, we join the annual Toy Fair event in the UK, bringing with us a world of creativity and imagination for children. We are excited to introduce our unique brand, known for creating original books, games, puzzles, and toys that delight young minds and the grownups who cherish them.

Who’s Banana Panda?
Banana Panda is a brand of puzzles, games and books that delight little minds and the grownups who care about them. Our products are designed to offer family bonding and immersive independent play for babies, toddlers and growing kids alike. Diverse products, themes and play patterns provide something for every child from birth through age 9.

Discover our bright ideas for curious minds We give parents and children space to initiate their own ideas for fun, while allowing them to discover the world together. We accompany you from the infancy to the school age of children. Our puzzle store is well-stocked! You’ll find jigsaw puzzles with a variety of themes: dinosaurs, cars and other vehicles, wild animals and farm animals, space, fairy tales, maps and landscapes… easy and difficult puzzles, with different numbers of pieces and sizes: large floor puzzles and small puzzles in handy boxes. Get to know our unique series of puzzles and games recommended by children and parents:

First Puzzles – are there any puzzles for babies? Under the watchful eye of the caregivers and thanks to the products properly matched to the age, the adventure with the puzzles may begin already for the toddlers who are just learning to control their hands. The key to choosing puzzles for the youngest is their well-thought-out form and content: appropriately matched number and size of elements, themes close to children and beautiful and simple illustrations.

Mix and Match puzzles is a versatile series that grows with children who love to play with matching circles and shapes and inspiring them to learn new things.

Jumbo educational Suuuper Size Puzzles are a great idea for a gift and joint play with friends or siblings. They cover a variety of topics.

Observation puzzles with different themes and number of elements have a frame full of details to search for in the arranged illustration.

Creative puzzles do not have one solution: all the elements are interchangeable and can be assembled freely. It is a great way to develop creativity and interest in STEM topics.

Memory and Bingo Games – due to their simple rules they are great as a first game but they grow together with kids. Their content can be used in a variety of ways!

We create toys that you want to play with.

Visit the Banana Panda Stand at UN82!

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