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Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and the company you work for

I am Holly Lackey, Head of Marketing and Licensing for Basic Fun! UK and have had the pleasure to work for Basic Fun! for over 3 years.  We are creators of fun, experts in play and makers of toys. We are leaders in toy production and distribution with a focus on plush, collectibles, small dolls, retro toys, pre-school, vehicles, youth electronics, science toys and construction.

Our Mission is simple. We want to make the world a happier and more playful place. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it!

We’re Making Toys Here. Bringing the joy of play to kids around the world is a serious business, and having fun is a requirement! Whether it’s the final product or the process of making toys, this principle is intertwined into everything we do.


What is your favourite part about working in the toy industry?

Creation of great product and content – we’re making toys here that’s my favourite part!


Give us the inside scoop, what products are you launching at Toy Fair 2023?

Tiny is mighty couldn’t be truer of a very special collectable we are launching, not forgetting the 10th series of Cutetitos, the latest Misfittens our memishly funny collectable cats and of course we can’t forget our classics K’Nex, Tonka, Fisher Price and so much more… we are worth a visit!


What trends do you predict for the Toy Fair industry in 2023?

We continue to see interest in Global Warming and caring for the earth and this year you will see all our Care Bear Plush now made from recyclable materials


How many years have you exhibited at Toy Fair 2023? Any favourite memories?

This is our fifth year at London Toy Fair… oh too many to say.


What is your favourite toy?

Barbie Dreamhouse is still a lasting memory of Christmas day 1987 and waking to find her house at the end of my bed and was wow’d by how cool that it even had a working shower and rooftop pool… magical!


What top tip would you give to a fellow exhibitor or visitor attending their first Toy Fair?

Comfortable shoes, mints, stay hydrated and most importantly give yourself plenty of time to see as many companies and products as possible!

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