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My Toy Fair Blog – Big Potato Q&A

By December 7, 2018No Comments

Please introduce yourself and your company.

Hello, I’m Potato Tris and we’re Big Potato Games. We create family and adult party games that are easy to learn and quick to play.

What products are you launching at Toy Fair?

20 Second Showdown is our big one. High hopes for that. Then hot on its heals is our latest social deduction game, Head Hackers, a cute card game called Curious Creatures and a totally weird throwing game called Chicken vs Hotdog.

How did you get into the toy industry?

By accident. I invented a game called Linkee whilst working in a different industry then jumped ship from that world into the happy land of toys and games.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

Does a football count? If not, then I’ll go Star Wars action figures (the original ones). I’m quite old.


Other than your own, what toy brand really stands out to you today?

I’m a big fan of Itten Games. They’re like the Apple of board games.

What was your best memory of Toy Fair?

Setting up our first stand using old crates and rolls of fake grass and saying to Dean, “We’ve got no chance of winning Best Stand for this”, only to win Best Stand.

What’s your top tip for surviving Toy Fair?

Wear your lucky pants and comfy shoes, apply deodorant in the morning, stay hydrated!