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By December 17, 2018No Comments


BinaryBots first attended Toy Fair in 2018. We didn’t really know what to expect, we imagined it would be the same as other types of exhibitions we had attended. We were wrong. We stood back once we’d set up the day before and we knew straight away that it was going to be a good event, even before the visitors arrived! There is something unique about the anticipation and the excitement that the show creates.

For us, our focus was brand awareness to the retail trade. We knew that our proposition was a new way of thinking for the UK but was an established conversation in the US. Toy Fair was the perfect opportunity to showcase our passion for our affordable smart toy robots that have been gaining in momentum across the globe.

In the past whenever we visited toy / retail stores in the UK, STEM toys seemed to be in a dark dusty corner at the back of the store. However, the trends have changed, and these types of toys are now emerging as market leaders as the demand for fun, educational, STEM toys increases. As an innovative toy manufacturer selling a cutting-edge concept to the market, we needed to be alongside the inspirational giants of the toy world – the likes of Lego and Hasbro where the brand enhances what they provide and therefore they have priority place on an entire aisle in a toyshop. The ultimate dream!

Exhibiting at Toy Fair gave us the opportunity to stand alongside these brands. We learnt a lot about the industry and we loved seeing how other companies displayed their products and built up the buzz around them.

Whilst we won’t have the biggest stand at the show, we’re confident that our toys and the passion of our team will shine brightly. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the enthusiasm of the show, and we’re extremely excited to see what Toy Fair 2019 has in store!

Christine Johnson