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By January 15, 2018No Comments

We’ve always looked at Toy Fair as a giant playground, bustling with excitement, anticipation and energy. This year we’ll expect the same. However, we’ll be attending as exhibitors this time around, so our excitement levels will be sky-high.

The first Toy Fair we attended was exhilarating and overwhelming in equal measures. There were so many great toys to play with and fresh ideas to ponder. It went by in a flash of colour, sound and overgrown superheroes. We saw so much on that first attendance, and realised that if we were to take anything away from future shows, then we needed to engage personally with the exhibitors and other attendees. You never know where a ‘hello’ might take you.

As exhibitors this year, we’ll be chatting to as many people as we can in the hope of building lasting relationships in the toy world. Our aim is to find owners of physical stores that can accommodate a new and exciting product that we’ll be launching at Toy Fair. We’ll also secretly be hoping for many more superheroes and characters walking around the show – for brief moments, it can make you feel like you’re walking around a Hollywood film set. Plus, we have a league table going for how many character selfies we can get during the show. No-one wants the wooden spoon for that.

Every Toy Fair has something different to offer, every company has a new idea to inspire. We’ll be hoping we can bring our own energy and colour to this year’s show as we’ll be launching our very first unique product, the boppiband – an interchangeable charm headband. The boppiband was created by a father (while on paternity leave), and developed with friends at their family-run business. The boppiband also appeals as a collectible, with the potential for lots of future products and charms, and exciting licensing opportunities.

Toy Fair 2018 offers an amazing arena to feel energized and inspired about the world of toys. You get a feel for the toys up-close and get to meet the driving forces behind the industry – the people. So, feel free to pop & swop a few charms at Gallery 640, and say hello to the creator and the team.

Christmas has come and gone, but for a few days at the end of January, it’ll feel like Christmas day again.

Lee Wright, Creative Director