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Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and the company you work for

I’m Maria, managing director at Capikooa. My background is in tech, with over 15 years of experience working for some of the highest tech companies around the world. 5 years ago, I traded my career as an electronics engineer to start Capikooa, a business for good to support children’s development by learning through play from the early years. My aha moment to start the business was when I became a parent myself and found out that children learn with their bodies before they can learn with their brains! Combined with the realisation of the toy waste issue, Capikooa was born. 


What is your favourite part about working in the toy industry?

It’s a bliss to work creating children’s toys. Doing research, designing the products and working on all the little details that will make the product be loved by children and parents alike is the best part of it.


Give us the inside scoop, what products are you launching at Toy Fair 2023?

We will be officially launching our Smart Magnetic Balance boards (award winner of the Teach Early Years award in the category of Early Exploration) and our new comfortable Soft Snug with reversible cover and removable pillow.


What trends do you predict for the Toy Fair industry in 2023?

Trends for this year, we believe, are buying more sustainably from trusted retailers. We’ll see people treasuring the things they buy with a preference of versatile open ended toys that fit with their home environment and offer more play value.


How many years have you exhibited at Toy Fair 2023? Any favourite memories?

It will be the first year Capikooa exhibits at the Toy Fair in London.


What is your favourite toy?

I love building blocks and small world play toys because you can use them to create and build anything. You can never get bored of them. In general, any creative, open ended toys made with natural materials will win me over. 


What top tip would you give to a fellow exhibitor or visitor attending their first Toy Fair?

It’s our first year exhibiting, but I would say to enjoy the show and don’t forget to look out for the smaller emerging toy companies

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