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Please provide a brief introduction to yourself and the company you work for

I’m Kerrie Corrigan, the General Manager of Coiledspring Games. We are the UK’s exclusive distributor of some of the best board games, jigsaws and puzzles!

Founded in 2004 with just one puzzle and one game, Coiledspring has expanded into a catalogue of over 300 products, representing top suppliers such as Blue Orange, IELLO, Ludonaute, Gamewright, Mindware, Schimdt and more!

At the beginning of 2022, we were excited to welcome four new suppliers to our catalogue including Ludonaute and Synapses Games.


What is your favourite part about working in the toy industry?

The friendliness and inclusivity of the industry is a big highlight for me. It’s fantastic to be a part of such a creative and inclusive space, which is certainly highlighted in events such as Toy Fair. Another favourite part of working in the industry is playtesting a variety of different games and puzzles!


Give us the inside scoop, what products are you launching at Toy Fair 2023?

Traditionally we unveil our new catalogue at Toy Fair, and this year will be no different. Our 2023 catalogue will be front and centre at our stand and is the ultimate guidebook to our entire range including family favourites and new releases.

Sequels are the talk of the town this year with the arrival of King of Monster Island, the cooperative new release in the King of Tokyo world. Flashback by Scorpion Masque joins the Zombie Kidz universe and we have it on good authority that Next Station Tokyo from Blue Orange will be hitting shelves this year.

Helvetiq have extended their pocket range with two new instalments Mada and Bubbly, plus their Fun by Nature range will finally be available in the UK lead by the new release, card drafting Happy Bee.

In the jigsaws department, the Schmidt range extends with brand new Disney jigsaws Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Prince Eric and a stunning Beauty and the Beast title! Exploding Kittens launch new jigsaw puzzles in celebration of the Netflix series release.

Wrebbit3D puzzle masters return with the brand new Batmobile 3D puzzle for Batman fans and build the stunning castle Edoras from the Lord of the Rings.


What trends do you predict for the Toy Fair industry in 2023?

We expect to see an emphasis in products which provide great value and replayability. Given the current economic environment facing consumers. I am a firm believer that games and puzzles are a great source of entertainment and bring family and friends together for a memorable experience.


How many years have you exhibited at Toy Fair 2023? Any favourite memories?

I have attended Toy Fair for 7 years, it is one of my favourite events in the calendar!

Last year, 2022 was a top memory for me, as Coiledspring launched a brand-new upgraded stand including an impressive jigsaw wall. I also love the trolly dash, it’s a great way to end the show so positively for a good cause.

What is your favourite toy?

My favourite toy from childhood was my Fisher Price Kitchen – I spent hours playing with it. Today, my favourite would be the Tonie Box.


What top tip would you give to a fellow exhibitor or visitor attending their first Toy Fair?

My top tip is to walk around and see everything and create as many connections as you can. You never know who you might bump into, it’s best to go with an open mind, ready to meet plenty of like-minded people!

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