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Connetix Tiles

Connetix® is an Australian business that brings to market award winning, STEAM accredited magnetic tiles designed to spark imaginations and creativity.

Founded in 2019 by a Masters-qualified early childhood educator and a skilled mechanical designer, Connetix is a brand imbued with a passion to champion learning through play through high quality, innovative, open-ended products. Featuring a unique bevel design, Connetix offer clearer refractions, durability and strength, alongside increased play versatility and an aesthetic yet to be matched. With a focus on safety and quality, Connetix are made from non-toxic, food grade ABS plastic and include ultrasonic welding and rivets for extra safety, along with strong magnets to build bigger.

As an open-ended toy, Connetix adapt to a wide range of interests and abilities, growing with children as they develop. From building 2D or 3D shapes, designing animals and towers to complex structures, ball runs and games – the possibilities are limitless with Connetix. Stocked in over 1300 quality retailers across 71 countries, Connetix is rapidly establishing itself globally as a leading toy amongst retailers, parents, educators, and allied health professionals.

Available in three colour ranges – bright Rainbow, earthy Pastel, and dazzling Clear – our Connetix catalogue ranges from introductory Mini Packs for the ideal gift, Starter Packs to develop confidence with magnetic tile play, Creative Packs perfect for big builds or sibling play, all the way through to Mega Packs for even bigger builds, education facilities and family play. Additionally, the Connetix range includes specialty and expansion packs designed to extend Connetix play in different ways – from Transport Packs for vehicle enthusiasts and those wanting to explore force-and motion, Geometry packs for shape exploration or mandala play, to the exclusive Ball Run packs featuring clear fluted tubes so you can track the zooming action and fun.

We are excited to be returning to the Toy Fair London to showcase our latest releases and new ways to enjoy Connetix play. Following the success from our recent international shows Astra Marketplace & Academy, Nuremberg Toy Fair, Maison & Objet and Toy Fair New York, we are looking forward to connecting with London retailers, buyers, media and the wider industry. You can expect to experience our award-winning colourful, interactive booth and soak in our signature Pastel and Rainbow colours, enjoy a whizzy-whirling ball run in it’s full sensory ASMR effect, feel the quality of real rubber wheels and see how car bases transform into functional vehicles, plus discover a realm of new possibility for design with our extensive range of shapes. The fun doesn’t end there, over the past 12 months we have launched several new packs in each colour range which will also debut at Toy Fair London. These include our Shape Expansion and Rectangle packs which unleash a new level of exciting play and design opportunities.

With more and more families valuing the benefits play offers, 2024 promises to be a year for increased awareness of open-ended STEAM play and demand for quality toys that promote limitless play possibilities.

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