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Geomag, leading the way in sustainability

For all of us at Geomag it’s important that we prioritise the full environmental impact of our production – its more than just using recycled materials and a marketing message.

Our ongoing environmental policy considers product safety, renewable energy, recycled materials, the impact of the product and packaging production, product end of life, emissions reduction, and waste and microplastics – for us the full circular economy is of paramount importance.

With our continuous improvement approach, we have analysed waste production and developed a strategy to reduce it. Our first step included a reduction in packaging materials used in the manufacturing process. Thanks to this process, we saw a reduction of 450kg in plastic packaging waste between 2019 and 2020.

Another initiative was replacing the cellophane used for packaging pallets with more sustainable cellophane made with recycled plastic. Small changes like replacing the cellophane for packaging pallets with a recycled alternative remind us that there is always that little process that we can improve on. Sustainability is not a task to complete but rather an iterative approach towards a better environment, society, and economy.

The dispersal of microplastics is also a critical issue for us, as our toys are partly made of plastic. Our desire to be a virtuous company pushes us towards continuously improving our production process to minimise the possibility of pollution. Following an analysis of the logistics and transformation process of plastic, we have identified the best practices to minimise the risks of the dispersal of microplastics into the environment.

Finally, we are delighted to have completed our transition to total sustainability with the use of recycled plastics across all three of our platforms!

Geomag has strength across its 3 different platforms, designed around the magic, simplicity, and strength of magnets, all with different play activities that cater to all types of intelligence and sensibility. Although each Geomag platform has its own target age, they are all focussed on the multi-generational STEM magnetic construction play pattern.

In 2020, to signal our desire for real change, we converted our two main lines: Geomag Classic and Geomag Magicube in 100% recycled plastics. In 2021 the new Mechanics recycled range was launched and 2022 saw the addition of new sets to the Magicube Shapes Line, re-launching of past favourites to the Geomag collection in the Glow and Glitter ranges, a brand-new eMotions range as well as a new addition to the Mechanics range. For 2023, we are delighted to be widening with 3 platforms with complimentary products, naturally, made using recycled plastics.

To make this possible, our research & development teams have carried out extensive research to create a product with the same qualities as before, which we at Geomag are very proud of.

We want everyone who plays with our toys, regardless of their age, to feel that spark of creativity, learn through this experience and simply have fun. As our toys aim to encourage the healthy development of our children, we feel equally responsible for the future of the environment that we are living in, and so we make every effort to ensure we run a responsible and sustainable business.

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