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We are so looking forward to Toy Fair 2023. Great Gizmos has just turned 25, and this will be our 25th year of exhibiting at the show. The show is a fantastic way to start the year and it’s always great to catch up with our customers in person after the busy Christmas period.


We specialise in innovative toys and gifts from educational science kits to beautiful craft kits and much, much more! With fun, striking packaging, sensible pricing and products from birth to age fourteen.


We are very excited to be launching our eco-friendly range this year. We have spent a lot of time working out how to reduce single use plastic across our product ranges, and we are also starting to work with recyclable materials for our packaging. We are very passionate about these changes and making a positive impact on our environment.


We will be showcasing our latest products and ranges at Toy Fair 2023. We have plenty of newness coming through, including new additions to popular ranges KidzLabs, Green Science, KidzMaker, and much more!


The Green Science range fits in with the current awareness of looking after our environment. The green conversation is everywhere, and green technology is the industry of the future. Clean energy and water solutions are increasingly major priorities for governments. Kids want to be involved and, to meet that interest, our Green Science range teaches the principles of renewable solar, hydro, magnetic, gravity and wind power, and children can build cool, clean machines that really work!


KidzLabs is one of the world’s most successful educational toy series receiving numerous awards from reputable parental and consumer organisations in many different countries. Mirroring the science subjects that children learn in school, KidzLabs introduces children to the wonders of mechanics, electronics, optics, astronomy, chemistry, palaeontology and much more as they get hands-on practical experience with real scientific applications. Whether it is growing crystals or learning about the solar system there is something for everyone.


KidzRobotics – The range goes beyond simple mechanics to explore the variety and creativity of mechanical engineering. Kids can choose to follow the instructions or create their own boundless adaptations. Robotics is now an important part of the national curriculum and essential for children’s learning and development.


KidzMaker range enriches young minds through various activities which develop artistic skills within a structured framework, allowing unlimited variations to patterns, colours and designs. Children develop their understanding of proportion, co-ordination and mathematical symmetry whilst proudly making something beautiful.


We can’t wait to see you at stand G20.

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