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The upcoming London Toy Fair marks Mighty Jaxx’s second consecutive year participating in the annual event. The last Toy Fair was exceptionally memorable for us as it was our first time participating in such a massive tradeshow in the UK, and Mighty Jaxx was still very new to the UK market!

Stationed at the booth, our team was filled with nerves – would people be receptive to our products? At the same time, we were filled with excitement as we were confident of what we had to offer and wanted to showoff our unique designs and quality of our products to the attendees. True enough, from blind boxes to our single releases, people loved our products! This really gave our team a boost in morale, and we knew we had huge potential in growing our brand presence in the region. Every positive comment left a big impact on us.

Fast forward a year, Mighty Jaxx collectibles are now available all over the UK in stores like HMV, Urban Outfitters, Game Stop etc. and we’ve even expanded into various stores around Europe! We are going into this year’s Toy Fair with greater confidence and hope to have more conversations with various fans and connect with them on a deeper level.

Currently, our bestselling products include collections from One Piece and moving forward, we feel that there will continue to be an increase in popularity in Anime IPs across UK/Europe and Western countries. Interestingly, some say that Anime is even bigger in France than in Japan! The rise in popularity of Anime is evident. Even Netflix has been releasing more and more Anime shows due to increasing demand and viewership for this specific genre of animation while influences from Anime can be seen in the streets in terms of fashion, hairstyles and more. It is a really interesting phenomenon to see!

Well, if you are an Anime fan – we have great news for you! Mighty Jaxx has recently secured a licensing deal with Jujutsu Kaisen, one of Japan’s most streamed anime and television, and we will be releasing an exclusive Kwistal: Jujutsu Kaisen Battle Ready series that any anime fan will love in early 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for the release as they will be flying of the shelves.

With a strong product line up release in 2024 from not only Anime IPs but other iconic IPs such as Capcom’s Street Fighter, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants and more, I’m looking forward to continue to show these products to fans, media and wholesalers alike and share Mighty Jaxx’s creative approach and unique take on fan favourite IPs and characters!

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