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London Toy Fair 2024 will be an exciting show for Mookie Toys, showcasing new product launches from robotic experts at Silverlit as well as making big noise in the nursery category with the launch of new range, Owl & Fox.

Since 2018 Robo Kombat has been a top-selling line in the robotics category, Silverlit are building on the success of this product with Robo Kombat Spin. Maintaining the exciting gameplay from the original item, Robo Kombat Spin adds a new twist ensuring every game is different, spinning at high speed to defeat every opponent.

Rescue Turtle will be a new launch for AW24, an adorable interactive turtle that needs to be rescued. Children can nurture the turtle by reacting to their needs to make sure they are always happy. Rescue Turtle moves just like a real turtle, has light and sound functions and even lays eggs with hidden baby turtles!

TP Toys is entering the nursery market launching new brand Owl & Fox, a range of wooden indoor toys. The Owl & Fox range has been designed and developed to inspire confidence and independent play from an early age. Enhancing gross motor skills development and cognitive growth. All products in the range are designed to complement each other, allowing parents to expand and grow their children’s active play area to suit their indoor space.

The Active-Tots Pikler Range from TP Toys will be growing with impressive and innovative designs by the UK design team. Designed to support children’s physical development and encourage active play you won’t see these designs elsewhere.

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