My Toy Fair Blog Q&A – Fabula Toys

My Toy Fair Blog Q&A – Fabula Toys


  1. Please introduce yourself and your company: My name is Nazneen Yasin and I am the Founder of Fabula Toys


  1. What products are you launching at Toy Fair? This is my first ever Toy Fair and I’m bringing my 5 educational toys, each bringing a different nursery rhyme to life in an attempt to discourage very young children from watching screens

  2. How did you get into the toy industry? Because of the BTHA and The Toy Fair, actually! Back in 2018, the BTHA released a survey of over 1,000 parents who were concerned about the effect of screen time on their young children and their active pursuit of an alternative to screen time. I was a working mum living in Dubai at the time, but that topic resonated so strongly with me that I left my job, moved countries and did a lot of research before setting up Fabula Toys modelled on that single minded proposition.

  3. What was your favourite toy growing up? Yes, I had a doll I was extremely fond of! Apparently one day when the doll went missing, and I was extremely distressed. My mum, who was in the next room, heard me speaking to someone and came over to realise that I had dialled the number for the police to lodge a complaint!

  4. What is the one “special ingredient” that makes a great toy? As a member of the toy industry, I think the ‘special ingredient’ is entirely the sense of control a toy can give a child. Children rarely get to control things or take decisions. And therefore when they come across a toy that allows them to suddenly become the master of the universe it is absolutely indispensable! But as an adult who really is a child at heart, I will say it’s the memories we make with toys that are the ‘special ingredients’ that elevate a toy from good to great!

  5. Other than your own, what toy brand really stands out to you today? I really like Boss Babs. It’s still a comparatively new and upcoming brand but it has a clear identity, and the products are very clever! But most importantly the brand is entirely driven by a strong and beautiful cause to encourage little girls to dream of and achieve everything any other child can!

  6. What was your best memory of Toy Fair? Since this is the first one I will be attending in person, I have to say so far my best memory of Toy Fair is that tingling feeling I had back in 2018 when I knew I had finally found that corner in my life where everything was about to change! I will always remain grateful to Toy Fair for having inspired me to become an entrepreneur.

  7. What’s your top tip for surviving Toy Fair? Wear your passion on your sleeve!