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MARIO SCHIANO srl is a company headquartered in Frattamaggiore.
It has been working for 97 years in the field of production and marketing of bicycles: from classic bike to traditional Olanda, from kids bikes with BB and HeadSet with ball bearings or with Nylon movement, from BMX to mountain bike, from ”off track “to racing bike in carbon fiber.

The synergistic advantage comes from the ability to use the same sales structure to be able to appeal to a clientele that demands different product categories.

The family experience, handed down from father to son, and the presence in the field of manufacturing of bicycles, has led the company of the family group to be the largest producer in the Europe, in particular for kids bikes, customizing the products according to customer requests.
In the markets in which the company focuses its attention has made the strategic decision to position itself in the mid-high of the same, considering that the business potential and the characteristics of the selected suppliers, are able to provide a significant competitive advantage, allowing the rapid acquisition of market share.


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